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Ohio Council of Fraternal, Veterans and Service Organizations, Inc.

2017-2018 Board of Directors:

Elizabeth Estrada
First Vice President
Joe Rolston
Second Vice President
William Rolston
Third Vice President
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Earl Swigart, Elks 56

Contact Us:

Toll Free:

P.O. Box 3071
Lexington, Ohio 44904-3071

E-mail: ohiocouncil@sscoach.com


Mission Statement:

To encourage wise and equal legislation and to oppose the enactment of laws prejudicial to the interest of member organizations.

Who we are:

Members include Amvets, American Legion, Army-Navy Garrison, Eagles, Elks, Knights of Columbus, Moose, Orioles, Owls, Sons of Herman, Redmen, VFW and other non-profit member organizations.

The Board of Directors are elected from the membership organizations.


Organized in 1956 representing Not for Profit fraternal and service organizations.

Name change and expansion in 1987 to recognize and include veterans organizations.

Current member organizations are 50% Fraternal and 50% Veterans.

Currently Representing 287,645 Ohio Residents.

What we do:

Since 1959, the Non-profit Ohio Council of Fraternal, Veterans and Service Organizations (Ohio Council) has worked to change and improve state laws that relate to private clubs. Our current agenda includes lowering licensing fees that our members pay to the state for charitable gaming (tickets), lower property taxes for non-profit clubs, and legalizing vending machines to distribute tickets as is currently done in Pennsylvania.

As with most lawmaking, it takes years and perseverance to pass important legislation. That was the case when working to get the charitable gaming license passed. Many other groups have taken credit for it but it was the Ohio Council that got it done!

Benefits of Membership:

Your organization's membership in the Ohio Council of Fraternal, Veterans and Service Organizations provides many benefits.

Legislative Representation:

The Ohio Council monitors all legislation and its potential advantages and disadvantages for member organizations.


Issued quarterly, Ohio Council Newsletters keep all member organizations appraised of current and proposed laws, rules and regulations.

Annual Convention:

Each October, the Ohio Council hosts a convention featuring a banquet with informative speakers to analyze current legislation, its impact on member organizations, and to review Council benefits of membership.

Ohio Council Board Members at Convention

Ohio Council Board Members at Annual Convention

Group Purchasing Power:

Workers Compensation Group Rating- Savings to all participating organizations.

Discounted Long Distance Phone Service- Available to Council members and their own membership in areas served by Embarq, AT&T or Verizon.

  • Long Distance at a cost of 4 cents per minute
  • Local dial tone for local service discounted 5%
  • Does not require any number change
  • 800 service available everyone who is a member at no monthly charge and the usage cost is only 4 cents per minute (the same as outgoing long distance calls.)
  • Co-op Group Food Purchasing

    Co-op Insurance

    Ohio Council Fraternal Veterans Service Organizations, Inc.